Friday, March 2, 2012

And Finally, we have made it to Friday.

Hey Guys! Happy Friday!

I am so thankful that the work week is over, and I can finally just sit down and relax! 
Today at work I was so spacey...

I pretty much checked out a few hours early for the weekend....
Grey oversized winged shirt - Heartbreakers (This was on sale for $9.99!)
Bracelet - Len Druskin
Dark blue jeggings - Heartbreakers
Horn neckclace - F21

I'm sure everyone could tell. I was just not on my A-Game! Do you ever have one of those days where you are physically present at work, but not really there! Haha! 
Thankfully its Friday and I have a couple days before I have to get back in work mode. 

This weekend I will be on chill mode:
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Here's hoping your weekend is as relaxing as mine will be! 


  1. I want a chill mode like the pictures!! ^ ;P

  2. I love that top! Looks like you have a relaxing weekend to look forward to. I just hope that mine is stress-free!

    Enjoy your weekend, hun!

  3. j'aime cette superposition de t shirts, ca donne un coté décontracté mais class aussi
    Bon week end , ca semble super!

  4. I know, weekend is here, at last. Yesterday, my work day ended at 10pm you can image how much I wanted the weekend.

  5. Lovely style=) I will follow you!!

  6. I love this gray outfit! Thanks for visiting my page! I'm a new follower!


  7. I love this outfit!
    Very casual, but stylish x


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