Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Cards For the Busy Mom

Happy Saturday!

Yal, I have been so busy.
With the holiday my Etsy shop has been filling up with orders! I am not complaining, but I am being honest when I say that it has left me with minimal time for other things.
Remember our family photos post here?
I have been meaning to order holiday cards with these beautiful photos.

Where to start? There are so many sites out there that will turn your pretty photos into beautiful Christmas cards. I have just been procrastinating big time on this, but I must get them so I can mail them out by the New Year.

Tip for all of you that are running late on these babies - go with a Happy New Year approach and send them out closer to the beginning of the year. This give you another week or so to work with.

That's how we are doing ours, and we are using I have been wanting to try Minted out, because they have some pretty awesome designs. First I heard about them when planning our wedding. What I love the most about is that many of their designs are sent in by designers across the globe, which is a big incentive for me. On top of that, right now, they have overnight shipping for FREE! Yes, FREE.

Their photo Christmas cards, here, give you a ton of design options to choose from.

Here's a preview of one of the designs I like:

Now to get my order in! Ha! Hope this helped any of you struggling with the busyness of the season! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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*This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for this post by Minted. However, all opinions are my own*

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  1. Beautiful cards! Love the design you picked.



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