Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The old saying 'practice makes perfect' was always a mainstay for me throughout the years. I was taught that if you work hard at something, you will get better at it. But that 'perfect' part of the saying, what was that all about? 

All my life I saw people strive to be 'perfect.' Perfect by Webster's defintion means : being entirely without fault or defect. We have been told we cannot possibly be perfect. In a recent teaching at church, my pastor discussed what perfection is to Jesus.

It was amazing to get a true understanding.

He explained that only through God are we perfect, and that it is not something he expects around the clock. Instead, he expects our perfect obedience when he asks of us, calls us, beckons for us. We are to obey and do His will and in that we must do exactly as He says, perfectly as asked or called to do. Naturally, this goes against most things we have been taught - how can you be perfect sometimes and still consider yourself a perfect being to God?

As our heavenly father, he treats us as His loving children. Think back to when you were a young child, or even if you have children now; in our parents eyes we were good kids when we listened to what they told us to do, came when they called us, and obeyed their instructions. We were only punished for not being perfect, if we did not obey. When our parents were not calling us or asking anything of us - they could find no fault in our actions. Being without fault, made us perfect to them in those times where we did not have to be accountable to anything. 

Same goes with God. 


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