Sunday, August 4, 2013

Twins Game.:Weekend Fun:.Making Adjustments

Happy Sunday!

This week was filled with a few fun events, got to enjoy my love, friends, and the good summer weather, while it's here :)

On Thursday, me and Adrian got last minute (FREE) tickets to the Twin's game from one of his co-workers. We decided to have a spontaneous night out DT. Started with food of course :), then headed to the game. 

Saturday started with a morning brunch at Loring Kitchen & Bar.
(credit: Loring Kitchen and Bar Facebook Page)
The Loring Kitchen and Bar
1359 Willow St.
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 843-0400
Celebrating two of my dear girlfriend's 26th birthdays! Wow, time has flown :) 

Later, Me and Adrian went to see the new Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg film - 2Guns. I had higher expectations but it was still pretty good. Very action packed, with some humor from both of the great actors. Paula Patton is also in this, she's gorg.. But I didn't like her character as much.

On a different note.. 

This year has been an eye opening year and experience for me. From finding salvation, to marriage, to finding true happiness, and becoming responsible/accountable, I have learned an awful lot.

Writing this post makes me smile. There was a sermon this a few weekends back at church and while there were a lot of great topics discussed, there was one that me and my sister dove a little deeper into and thought was so interesting.

We will make adjustments for the world, but not for Jesus. 

On a daily basis we are held to standards in the world. For example - On a new job, our new employer requires us to prove our worth to them and work for 90 days until we are given benefits. We do it with a smile. We kick and scream when we feel we are following the will of Jesus for a week, and don't get what we think we deserve.

We abstain from alcohol for various reasons when we are required to, but when it comes to Jesus, we just can't limit our intake or give it up for Him.

We are required to work 5 days a week, sometimes even more than that. But when it comes to taking 1 or 2 days out to go to church to spend time with God, its like pulling teeth.

We always want Jesus to move when we need Him, but we are not willing to do what He asks of us when He needs us. We take our time and want Him to jump as soon as we call Him.

How sad to think that a God that can give us everything, can only get so little from His people. I would like to use this post as a motivation to all of us to think of how we would feel if someone treated us that way. When you are working on a relationship, there is give and take. Often times when there is an imbalance things seem to not work out. In our relationships with Christ, the more you give the more He will give back to you. He is true and perfect and will always hold up His end of the bargain.

So I am challenging myself to do the same. 
Will you take the challenge with me?

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  1. thanks for sharing! i love this post - and your honesty.

  2. What a fun weekend. You are gorgeous. Love your outfit for girl's night out. Also, the part at the bottom of your blog is so true. I am so guilty of wanting to God to "move" when I need him, but yet what about the other times when life is good and I'm OK. Am I moving FOR GOD? I'm definitely working on that. Thanks for posting. xo


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