Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Familiar Face

Hola Friends!!

Hope your week is going absolutely fabulous! We are a few steps closer to the Christmas weekend! :) WOo HoO!

Question: Have you ever had someone randomly shout out someone else's name and point to you?
I'm sure this has happened to quite a few people. You see my name is "Jena" (pronounced Gina). But most of my life people have called my "Jenna", so I'm used to them getting it wrong. -__-

Question: Have you ever been approached by a stranger and told that you look very familiar?
You're lucky if you said no. I almost always get approached by random people and they say I look super familiar. It's almost like they have met me before. As I deny profusely, they insist that we know each other. I must just have a familiar face.

Don't get me wrong:

I would never wish to be anyone else but myself, yet overtime, people would approach me and say I looked like Rudy from the Cosby Show. People would shout out Rudy as I walked down the street when out with my girlfriends. Actually, 70% of my co-workers at my last job thought it was cute to call me this.  -__- . Like everyday. -__- . So you can see how this can get annoying at some point. However, she is gorg, so although sometimes I don't see it, I run with it.

So, this post is dedicated to the fab Keshia Knight Pulliam, known most famously for her role as the young Rudy Huxtable in the Cosby Show & more recently as Miranda from her role on TBS's House of Payne. This petite beauty was the youngest actress to ever be nominated for an Emmy, and has won multiple NAACP awards for her professional work! She's

Okay, so what's your opinion?
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As often as I get Keshia, I get Aisha Tyler. You may recognize her from a few places. First, she's a comedian. Hosted Talk Soup, and the reality dating show, The Fifth Wheel (I admit, I loved this show). You may also recognize her as Ross's girlfriend from the hit show, "Friends" in some of the last seasons. Anywho, she's funny and stunning!

images via here and here

I'll run with it. 
The only way I would be offended if is either of these ladies went off the deep end. As for now, all is good. 
Though, I'd cry if I was told I looked like Chewbacca. 

So tell me, Who are your Celeb Look-A-Likes?

Who do people insist you favor, even if you don't see it?


  1. I dont look like anyone :D im just me

  2. You look like just like her:) WOW

  3. Anna, I always thought I just looked like me, but Im starting to see it

  4. wow you do actually look like @ the joke abt Chewbacca looll

  5. omg! yes, someone always tell me I look like Gabrielle Union or Brandy.

    and you do look like both of Keisha and Aisha!

  6. You legit do look like Keyshia. Lol. I totally see it.

    I don't really look like anyone besides my mom, which is good because when I become famous, I'll have my own look! :D Although I DID get Prancer comparisons when "Flavor of Love" was out. This little kid followed me in the mall because of it. Definitely don't feel like that's a compliment lol.

  7. @ carrymel, lol at the kid following you around the mall. Prancer was cute, but she just liked Flavor Flave... that was her downfall.

  8. oh i feel you! my name's wynne (pronounced: wee-nuh) and people always mistake my name by saying winnie, or wayne, or why-nee. it used to be annoying, guess i'm used to it now too. your celeb look a likes are gorgeous!! i've heard people say i look like Ming Xi the model, i don't see the resemblance though, haha



  9. I see the resemblance to Keshia Knight Pulliam more. You definitely favor her.

  10. Beautiful post! hmm no idea who my celeb look alike is?


  11. def. some similarities! you are gorgeous!

    loving your blog ... thanks for finding me that way i was able to find yours!

    you have impeccable style :)

  12. I can totally see the resemblance to Rudy (I know her name is Keisha but she will always be Rudy to me) AND to Aisha Taylor. Both lovely ladies, as are you!


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