Monday, December 19, 2011


bright colors in a winter wonderland.

Dress - heartbreakers
Shoes - well you know....(I told you they would reappear) they were seen here and here.

Happy Monday Loves!

Hello to all new and seasoned followers! :) It is officially the last Monday before Christmas, and second to last full week of the year! Have you gotten all of your Xmas shopping out of the way? Neither have I. 

Anywho, I am super pumped to spend time with my family and start the New Year and get down some New Year's Resolutions, that I hopefully stick with. :( 
So, How many of you are good at breaking New Year's Resolutions? 
*Blushes* *Raises hand slowly*

Like most, I say I am going to stick with it in January, and come about February 1st, I have completely forgotten what I was going to be changing. So I am asking my fellow readers for tips to stick to resolutions. What helps you follow through?

In other news, this weekend I had my first Ugly Sweater Party.. It was for all my lovely ladies and was a lot of fun as you can tell by the silly photo below.
 Overall, it was a great night. A few of us a little slumber parrrtyyy! :) 

Well, that's all I have for now! Enjoy your Monday!


  1. In love with those shoes and they go great with the red dress! New follower to your blog and would like to invite you to show your personal style over at my little spot on the web:

  2. YESS lur blog is sexy! im loving ur look!!

    come check mine out and p-lease follow :)

  3. Beautiful dress. It looks good on you.

    Thanks for stopping by The Girlie Blog. Wonderful to have you. I followed you too.

  4. i love my cardigan but I love also your red dress!!! :)
    thanks for your visit I hope you will want to follow me also on facebook


  5. You look great! Love that dress!

  6. Lovely dress.

    Thanks for the comment.
    Of course I follow you back.

    Stay in touch hun


  7. cute dress!

    i find that if i write and refer back to my goals/resolutions, it helps me stick to them. also, i make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals so i can break it down. also, share your goals with someone close to you so they can push you. hope that helps :-)


  8. Loving the outfit!
    I really like the shoes :)

    I'm following!

  9. That is a cute dress.. loving the color


  10. such a gorgeous color on you! and I love your 2 hairstyles!!


  11. I love that dress & the color is so pretty! you look lovely as well <3

  12. love this look! great dress, and love how you wore it with those cool boots. new follower. :) hope to visit again. cheers!

  13. love the dress!!

  14. oh you look bangin'- I love that dress! And your hair up is SO pretty, I wish I could do cute buns like that.

    I always break resolutions, I try to just do them January- helps me to get them done.

    Love the xmas party pic of you and your girls.

  15. Sticking to new years resolutions is all about making them smaller and more specific. Instead of writing new years resolutions I tend to write an action plan.

  16. aw..your red dress is awesome...thanks for visiting my blog..


  17. the bright red dress looks great on you!
    have a great week ahead

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  18. Love this dress, you look fab! :)

  19. nice nice nice!
    adesso ti seguo.. seguimi anche tu!

  20. Nice dress, love this colour!:)
    You look so great when You smile.;)

  21. thanks dear, ive followed you back ;D and you look so stunning with the dress and boots, i adore <3 xx

  22. beautiful red dress, i love bright colors on brunetts ;)
    you look gorgeous! your blog is so nice sweetie, would you like us to follow each other? :)



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