Friday, December 9, 2011

Breathe. Mini-Giveaway!

Oh my gosh, I can breathe again.


I'm sure some of you can imagine the way that I feel. I just finished writing the last 10 page paper for my philosophy class. I am a marketing major, and philosophy doesn't really interest me all that much. I got 4 hours of sleep last night. According to my doctor, I should be getting about 12 hours of sleep a night due to lupus. I definitely don't get that much sleep. 

I really feel like I have been complaining much more about school this year, than I ever have before. I think it just has a lot to do with everything I went through this semester. I mean, I just had some pretty heavy professors. I guess I can expect that as I am now a senior. But gosh, Senior year seriously sucks. I found out in the middle of the semester that working, was putting a huge burden on my schedule. So I had to cut back on hours. I am just so over school! But as for this next month, my mind is blank and I will not think about school again until I am FORCED to do so. 

I seriously need a new camera. I just see all the things I could do with a better camera. Right now I am using my camera on my phone. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I had an iphone or something, but I don't. My camera's ok, it just needs to get the details of things. My blog wwould be so much better! So, that's what I am asking Santa for! Do you think he will give it to me? :)

Hey!! I wanted to tell you all about a cool thing Victoria Secret is doing! They are giving away gift cards everyday at 8 a.m. cst on their facebook page. The values range from $10 - $500! I actually ended up getting through and winning one for $10, not much but hey it's a free gift card so I won't be too choosy! :)  Anyways, you should check it out, the giftcards have to be used by 12/19 though, so make sure you use it!

Hey, I think I might do a mini-giveaway for my giftcard coupon code for $10 that I won! Just because I haven't been giving you all the attention you deserve lately! Since the giftcard has to be used by the 19th, I'll hold the giveaway for one day, so until tomorrow, Friday 12/10/11 at 12:00 am (midnight). That will give the winner a little over a week to use it!

Okay to enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment and list your e-mail, so that I can send you the information if you win! 

***Earn an extra entry if you follow my facebook page HERE! And leave a comment letting me know!

 Well, that's all I've got for now! Good Luck!


  1. amazing! i dont even know if they ship to australia otherwise i would enter!

  2. I feel your pain. I was a Communications Major in college & I had to do a philo paper also.... Worst thing in life! Glad that its finally over =)

    Practically Coffee

  3. Ohh, please enter me! I adore Victoria's Secret :)


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