Monday, August 8, 2011


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Now that we have that out of the way, my weekend was pretty eventful. I dragged my bf to the Uptown Art Fair on Saturday because I have been dying to go and he never wants to do any of the cool things I always want to drag him to. So, luckily it was a beautiful day so he really wanted to get outta the house and we went!
And I wore:
I absolutely love this dress, its a perfect lazy summer day addition. Just throw on, with a belt, flats, bracelet and your ready to go. 
Blue Dress & Sandals- Heartbreakers
Belt - Forever 21
Bracelet - H&M
As soon as we got there I started to take pictures of one of the artist's miniature hand painted figurines, each piece told a story. 
As I was told I could not take anymore photos... At least I got one and I just skidaddled.
I dragged Adrian to the Talk 101 Radio booth where I glued on this flower and letters with our names to a huge poster board that is going to reappear at our State Fair come Labor Day. :) 
Alas, our detour to a local sushi spot for happy hour. 
Love Him.
potstickers. chicken kabobs. cream cheese wontons. veggie spring rolls. 

Overall, Great Weekend. How was your's??


  1. cute dress
    love the color

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  2. love your dress! super pretty!

  3. sounds like a fun wknd! like the outfit and that food looks AMAZING!!!


  4. Cute outfit! I would like to go to something like this.

  5. Great pictures! I love your dress, you look great in that color! xo

  6. Yummm I absolutely love spring rolls, can't get enough of 'em!

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

  7. Your post was very inspiring. I like your writing style...a LOT!

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  8. Yumm! the food looks amazing. Your dress looks pretty. Your man sure knows how to dress and thats a + :)

  9. love the dress, the bracelet and the sandals!!

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  10. LOVING the dress, especially that color on you and the wide belt!

  11. Cute blue dress, looks great on you!

  12. cute outfit and that food looks delicious! Your blog is great - I'm your newest follower :)

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  13. Looks like a real good time girl, glad you had fun

  14. Hey thanks ladies for all the wonderful comments! I love the color blue and we def had a great time at the fair! :)

  15. YOU are so cute!!! =] Love that color on you =].

    PS: We're hosting a chatroom tomorrow at 8pm eastern and we'd love to see you there because you have such an amazing voice. Our last one was a HUGE success and we were able to meet tons of new people because everyone repped their blogs & twitter names for the final 30 minutes! Hope to see you there! You'll be sure to have a blast!! =]

    Kimberly, FWB

  16. You look beautiful, great outfit!

  17. The color of your dress is very bright and summery. . .and also happens to be the color of my nails :] You and your boyfriend are a very adorable couple! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. That food looks delicious!

  18. those painted figurines are soo cooo, a bit creepy but in a really cool way!!

  19. Hey thanks for your comment & following! I was browsing yout blog and I like your style too! Especially that thrifted crop & feather earring..Cute!
    I'm following! : )

  20. beautifulll dresss.... !!!♥

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  21. I love the color of the dress. Some of those figures look kinda creepy! lol. And ooh cream cheese wontons I luuuv! xo -Taj

  22. I love the color of the dress. Some of those figures look kinda creepy! lol. And ooh cream cheese wontons I luuuv! xo -Taj

  23. @ all thanks for the comments and love! :)

    @melody - thx i love getting things thrifted such great deals! :)

    @ pop champagne & taj - they are super creepy but cool too :) haha

    @carrymel - thanks chica :)

  24. nice dress, girl! I hope you're having a great week so far ;) kisses!

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    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  25. You're so cuuuute!! Amazing colour of the dress! Lovely pictures.
    Please come to visit my blog :) Kissies:*

  26. I like your outfit.
    The dress is really pretty ;)

    xo lala

  27. j'adore ta robe, et la couleur te vas vraiment très bien
    Superbes les photos

  28. you guys, make such a nice couple! and i love the colour of the dress on you! gorgeous! x

  29. That dress is lovely, great colour!

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  31. You are so pretty! That shade of blue looks great on you :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  32. Looks like a wonderful weekend, and true to your word- like an eventful one as well.

    Mine was pretty great too. I went to a new club downtown Manhattan & really enjoyed myself. I hit up a restaurant called Cafeteria known for its chic a-la-carte style of gourmet serving.

    Love the site, darling. Thanks for sharing!


    Sojo, FWB

  33. Your dress is so beautiful!! I love it!!
    great pictures... :)

  34. Lovely outift! Please follow me :) -


  35. SOOO LOVELY! Please check out my blog when you get a chance!
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  36. very pretty! and you have great skin..looks like lots of fun!

  37. Love the bright cobalt colour of your dress... i looks really nice on you!

  38. cute dress and i love the belt...


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