Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lake Minnetonka :)

Hey there! 
So I told you all I would be giving an update of what the heck I have been up to. I have been super busy this past week. First things first. I have started training at a new job. This is pretty much what I do, when I'm bored and have a brain overload:

Can you say, doodler.. LOL. I really need to stop doing this...

As for this weekend. Here's the recap. My bf's family came into town and we had a great time, went out a couple times, went to dinner, shopping and all that good stuff! It was fun. Then my bf's best friend invited us to a Sunday Fun-Day on Lake Minnetonka... Was super fun!
Love this bathing suit- French Connection - bought this on ASOS.
Me, Shalisa and Nicole
Adrian- this should be a Miller Lite Ad. Lol!
My bf's best friend, Chuck.

Overall, good weekend. How was yours?


  1. My weekend was very uneventful :( blahhh. But I'm glad yours was great! Nice suit!

  2. whit wooo :)
    Gorgeous swim suit, i love the colours!

    you weekend looked amazing :)

  3. You look wonderful !!
    Pozdrawiam :>

  4. amazing pics!you look stunning!

  5. you surely had a great weekend. Mine was nice as well, just hanging out with some of my friends :D

  6. Love the doodles! Your bathing suit is fantastic! xo

  7. that is a crazy awesome swimsuit :D I love it! Looks like you had a blast.
    My weekend kicked ass! I went to see one of my fave bands, Flogging Molly, at a local club. Too cool :D Deets on my blog.

    xxx irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

  8. that bathing suit is so pretty!!looks great on you!!

  9. Cute bathing suit..It looks like you had fun!!!

    Check out : http://jtomasfashion.blogspot.com/

    "Follow me and I follow back:)"

  10. Super cute bikini!!! That print is a refreshing reminder that I need to get down to the tropics ASAP, lol.


  11. Looks like you all had a great time! Great two piece!

    XOXO from SF

  12. i am in love whit the first bikini hun you look so nice:)La Folie 


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