Friday, August 19, 2011

These boots were made for walkin'...

That's just what they'll do.

Deets: (details)
Dress & Belt came as set- Forever 21 got it this spring
Boots - Heartbreaker - they've got a website up now, not full with stuff but I know it will get better! check it out!

Sorry for poor quality pics, just trying to quickly post. Will one of you please gift me a brand new fancy camera!? If I say pretty please will that work? It used to work 'with sugar on top' when I was about five. 
Nevermind. -_-

HELLO!! (echoes) To all my followers! Welcome, I hope I can show you all how absolutely fabulous I am on a good day  most of the time. eh, hehe.

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I seriously want to know, so I can live vicariously through you all. I don't have much planned, just work and a BBQ. Should be interesting a blast.

I think I want to start a weekly ritual, like a top 10 or top 5 list of something funny just to put a smile on mine and your face each week... This thought is too be continued.. :)
But I was looking through top 10 lists and fell upon top 10 fail auto-corrects. Don't you hate when your phone send the wrong word. I experience this a lot with my touch screen on my EVO... I mean, sometimes its pretty funny when you are trying to write someone and then auto-correct puts something random as ever in.. 

Por ejemplo:

Visit for more laughs! :)

Enjoy your weekend lovies!! :)


  1. cute boots! is probably one of the best websites ever. my boyfriend and I are kinda obsessed :)

  2. @jaime, I agree. I am now completely obsessed LOL

  3. Fun woven belt! Have a great weekend as well. xo style, she wrote

  4. I love those boots chica! And I think the top ten list is a great idea. I was gonna do something like that but I never followed through with it.

    BTW-those autocorrect pics had me rollin lmbo haha!

  5. Lmbo! I love those stupid texts. They make my day just a tad. Cute outfit!

  6. Cute look! lol at those texts. I hate auto correct, it hardly ever corrects to the word you want!

  7. cute hun! I need boots for the winter!

  8. the outfit is very cute and i love the have a new follower

  9. LOVE this look!! and the boots are pretty amazing!!


  10. hahaha love the last auto correct fail, those things are always so damn funny!

  11. I love reading the stupid autocorrect things. I have a Blackberry and it makes me sad that I cannot have autocorrect! haha

  12. Thanks for all the comments loves!

    @dollydaydream - you don't want it, especially when it texts the wrong info to your parents haha

  13. Adorable boots and love that belt!

  14. OMG!! This post totally made my day! I literally LOL'ed! I enjoy your blog! New follower!

  15. Are you kiddin' me!!! THIS IS THEE FUNNIEST POST I've read on ANY blog! literally on lunch at the computer gettin weak!!! "WITH HER CORPSE"!!!! I'M DYING!

  16. Holy Shiz! I know you prolly think I am stalkin your blog some kinda terrible, but I have to tell you I just laughed like a good ab crunchin laugh til I had mascara all down my face. My husband is like, "WTH is wrong with you?" I couldn't even talk to tell him, he had to walk over to my computer ... LOVE the one about the girl gettin in a fight w/ her boyf and he drove off w/ his mama's corpse/camaro. BOUT DIED laughin. :D


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