Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Due Time

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I am getting closer to my return to work date, and I am getting sad as each day passes. I don't want to leave my baby girl now! I have so much respect for mothers who work and have to be away from their children.

How do you do it?

I know in due time I will be able to have a better working situation, where I can spend more time with my baby girl. There's a lot of situations in life that we have to be patient for, because in due time things will come. 
Its funny because so many people I know feel that once they've hit their mid to late twenties and are not exactly where they had pictured their lives to be that somehow they've failed. 
Not realizing you'll get there in due time.
What does "due time" even mean? 
Oh how easily it is said, but sometimes so difficult to PATIENTLY wait.
Due time is all about the appropriate time, the proper time, the perfect timing, the right time.
I've been there, too. Wondering what do I need to do to catch up? 
But God told me, catch up to who?
Here I am thinking if I don't move up in my career, get that promotion, become an entrepreneur, buy a home, or have it all figured out by age 26, that I have somehow failed. But Jesus says not so.
He has a perfect plan for Jena. 
He has a perfect plan for you (Yes, you!). 
Our plans are not the same.
 In fact they are so beautifully unique, with twists and turns so different yet intertwined and similar at times. 

We must quit comparing ourselves because although we are all running a marathon, we are all on different courses. 

We must understand that humbling ourselves and staying faithful to the course will get us much farther. Sewing good seeds along the way, will bring good back to us. 
All in due time. 
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  1. I totally agree! I would log into FB and see all the people I graduated HS with getting their degrees & felt like somewhat of a failure until I realized that wasnt the path he wanted for me. Instead he gave me a wonderful son, a beautiful home and a career that I am proud of. & at 25 I'm okay with that. I was disapproved 2x when applying for my home loan, and the day I let go & let God, it came to me. I received a call saying that I was approved! That was noone but God.Thanks for this post, I needed that reminder. <3

    1. What an amazing story! God is so good, thank you for sharing your test of faith with us :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I just felt this way the other day and posted about it. In due time..... goodness.

  3. What a great reminder!! I struggle with this soo much.

  4. I am obsessed with your blog and love that you leave scripture references on it, so inspirational! XO

  5. love the casual outfit! you have a great smile


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