Friday, July 22, 2011

I'd Rock It.

Hey Loves, 
Happy Friday!!
I have finally reached over 100 followers! So, big hugs and thanks to all of you for following! I really appreciate it and to show how much I appreciate it, I will be hosting a giveaway in the next couple weeks or so. That means you will need to keep checking in to see what I've got in store! :)

With that said, I'm going to do a more personal post for this Friday! It's no Oprah Show, but 'These are a few of my favorite things!' Disclosure: This will be a lengthy post. 

What's in my bag?
Blue Comb. Keep the mane in check.
Johnson's Baby Lotion. Keeps me moisturized.
Victoria's Secret Sweet Daydream Body Spray. Go to local store and smell. You will die.
Mini purse. Gift from G-ma, holds debit/credit cards, cash, etc.
Travel size Secret Scent Expressions/Cocoa Butter Kiss. Another to die for scent for the underarms.
ChapStick True Shimmer. It keeps lips soft and adds a little sparkle.
Dior Addict Lipstick. Shade 535, it's a light pink with little shimmer.
Maybelline eye liner. 
VS Lip Gloss in Sugar High. This is a must have; $7.
On my key chain: house keys, car keys, pool key, LA fitness member tag, Roundy's Grocery store rewards card, key chain flashlight ;)

My Favorite Place.
My living room. Right there on that couch is where I do most of my blogging. And I love the skylights in my kitchen, helps my electric bill out.

My 2nd Favorite Place.
My closet. Still a work in progress and there is definitely another part to my closet which is full of boxes of winter clothes. I do go through it every year and giveaway/sell items because I hate things not being worn!  I also have two huge chests full of everyday items. However, I still find myself saying those famous words:
"I have nothing to wear!"

and lastly...
♥ my Jewelry.

I have a large jewelry collection, which is not all shown. I love this silhouette piece I bought to hang my jewelry on! It rocks, I got it from TJ Maxx for like $15. I only put a few pieces on it and the rest are in this white box, which I bought from IKEA a couple years ago. I have a few of them which I use for my jewelry and my sunglasses. 

I hope you all liked learning a bit more about me. I did enjoy this post. Comment and let me know of your ideas for a giveaway and what are your favorite things?  

Inspiration: I'd Rock It. 

I'd Rock I.t.

All Saints Silk Shirt Current/Elliott Super Skinny Jeans Giuseppe Zanotti leather sandals Dorothy Perkins Stone Ring/Belt

I'm going to find a more affordable alternative to this because I love it. And of course, Beyonce is gorgeous. 

What do you think?

Happy Friday and Have a great weekend!


  1. love that mini purse and that jewellery stand.. ur closet is so organized! my closet is like the womenswear section at Ross, nothing on the racks, everything's on the floor ;)

  2. wow what a closet full of beautiful things i love it like all the rest too!and i realy like the way u write;) keep on doing your thing much love:-*

  3. really nice place :))

  4. GREAT blog post. love the jewelry stand :)

  5. omg i love your closet!!!! thanks so much for the comments and for following x

  6. Great post. Loved everything in it. Especially your living room :)

  7. first of all thanks SO much for following really appreciated!

    and i love your place wish i finally had one of my own :)

    and wow a good book, it really depends on what kind of genres you like. i prefer thriller, horror or fantasy. in thriller they often have sarcastic humor which is my favorite haha. so i think you should just find out for yourself. taste is very personal.

    thanks for stopping by! XXX

  8. Your closeet looks so organised! Very pretty!

  9. oh really nice place !!! Great post and nice blog :)

  10. awesome space you have there!! ;) x

  11. Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Nelly I am very anal about my clothes being neat LOL.

    @Xaviera I completely understand, I've been referred books that I didn't really like.

  12. Hi! I've seen your Blog and it's so amazing...

    Follow u, do you wanna follow me?

    Kisses from Spain!

  13. Oh Your house seems so nice and organized. Your closet is the bomb!
    You are purely amazing and now I am following. I can't believe I hadn't found your blog until now :/


  14. secret is a most have in the purse this summer
    love the outfit you put together - cute skinny jeans

  15. MAN! Your place & closet are so nice! I LOVE organization. And that jewelry stand, I have one similar and I hang my jewelry on it as well =].

    Great blog.

    Kimberly, FWB

  16. I love that couch... your living room is beautiful. And that closet. wow. wow. great post my dear =)

  17. your living room and closet look lovely, I wish I had your space :)))

  18. your fav place looks relaxing! I'd also rock this look, bey bey is a queen!


  19. ur bag is full of the goods! lol & I really love your necklaces, so cute! ^.^

  20. I love seeing whats in everyones bag... thanks for sharing. AND I love how you closet is nicely organized. love love love.


  21. Gosh I wish my closet was that organized!!!

    Great post!!


  22. Oh, you ve got such a beautifull blog.))
    Love your post.)

    Can you help me?
    I am doing a poll and I need answer only one question.

    "What are your favorite clothing firms?"

  23. i like alll saints, they do nice edgier designs.

  24. You have some essential makeup items in your bag and I feel like I should too! lol

    & I love your living room and closet also! so jealous :P

  25. I can only WISH that my closet was that organized! I LOVE that Secret Cocoa Butter Kiss!! It is my new fave! I need those shoes in that last pic! Thanks for sharing and thanks for all of your sweet comments! Kiah

  26. Loved this post!Love the outfit, the green pants are to die for!

  27. i likeee the post¡¡ is very funny¡¡ your blog is very cuteee pretty¡¡¡ kisses :)

  28. great post ;-)always curious to see what's in someone's bag ;-) and i'm loving your closet!

  29. nice blog !! kisses from Casablanca

  30. i like the black/white set up in your living room.

    xo Ashleigh

  31. Your blog is an adorable source of inspiration ! We love it.

    Afaf & Marwa

  32. Your jewelry stand is adorable! Where did you get it?

    Check out my blog at please! :)

  33. Wow, what a gorgeous outfit, the green jeans are so amazing and of course the shoes are to die for!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  34. You have a gorgeous living room. I like the open shelves.



  35. @menzbeauty I got it from TJ Maxx

  36. Hey hun thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Like your blog, especially your extensive wardrobe lol! New follower :) X

  37. Love the what's in your bag!! So cute. You have lots of hawt jewelz too ;)

    We're now following you! Please check us out our blog post & follow us back if you'd like ;)

    T & J


  38. I love having a peek in other peoples wardrobes! great post!

  39. LOVVE the bottle green skinnies! Def. a Summer must have! Likin' your blog hun so I'm following you. Wanna pop over and follow me too??

    Urban art + street fashion addict:


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