Monday, October 21, 2013

[W]eekend [R]ecap - Loving Fall + Third Trimester

Happy Monday! 

I am officially in trimester three. EEK!! 
The fall cold weather, new additions to the wardrobe, comfort food and redbox pretty much sums up the highlights of my weekend. 
[one] Pot Roast. Saturday consisted of running errands, paying bills, and putting a pot roast in my slow cooker. I'm a sucker for comfort food and have really been craving it lately. 
[two] New Coat. After trying on a few jackets that were in the back of my closet, I realized my baby bump is getting a little out of hand. I couldn't button or zip and I just looked ridiculous as it was 40 degrees outside. After some convincing, my mother (with my dad's help) got me this cute little green coat. It is perfect for my growing belly as the buttons stop above the belly. Perfect for trimester 3 if you ask me.
[three] We live in leaves. Got an email from the HOA contact that they will not be getting rid of our leaves until late in the season so that they only have to come out once. My yard is a child's playground. I thought of getting those jack-o-lantern garbage bags to clean up a bit - but who am I kidding everytime I bend over I am out of breath. LOL I could totally make A do it, but he'd just say let's wait for the HOA to take care of it. For now, we live in leaves. 
[four] Redbox. I have been wanting to rent The Great Gatsby for some time, and A wanted to see After Earth so we opted to stop at the local redbox for a cozy night in. Um, love Leonardo Di Caprio and although After Earth wasn't my choice I laugh at how much Jaden Smith looks like his father. Overall both good movies for the night. 
[five] Apple picking season. Our apple tree bloomed this year and all of the local animals are living in my yard. LOL. We generally don't eat too many, but I'm debating squeezing some time in this week to make an apple crisp. Love apple crisp. 
[six] Steve Madden. Been bugging my mom to give me this handbag when she was done using it. Finally annoyed her to the point she handed it over. She won't miss it, she's a handbag queen. I am a happy gal. 

Overall, pretty successful weekend! 
What did you get into this weekend?

P.S.I apologize for the delay on the giveaway winner, but we will be announcing this week! So stay tuned!



  1. love the new coat, Miss Jena! and your style is so vintage! Love! Yay for trimester three!

    next is the babyshower! :)

  2. that coat is so cute! it was so cold today! i love the changes of season, but winter really over welcomes its stay, don't you think?

    i would leave the leaves for HOA, too! A is thinking right! :) after all, you pay for it. :) apple crisp sounds so good. have it w/ vanilla bean ice cream, sooo good!

    i cried to the great gatsby! such a beautiful film. i've been playing the songs "back to black" & "young & beautiful" like crazy.

  3. I remember struggling with dressing in my last trimesters. Thankfully I had a great wrap coat that just did up beautifully to snuggle me up! Love that green colour.

  4. Aww, I love your coat! Very cute, an how sweet of your mom (and dad) to get it for you! I wish Florida had apple picking, or cold weather, it's still hot over here :( lol
    I loved the Great Gatsby! Anything Leo DiCaprio for me :)Hope you have a great week.

    xoxo, Jess

  5. I love that jacket and that handbag!!

  6. I'm completely wanting pot roast right now! Gorgeous jacket and handbag!

    I love me some redbox!


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