Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hooray for Blog Awards!


I received two blog awards within the past week or two and I am finally getting around to them! :)  So, here's to all of you who actually want to learn a little more about me. I promise I don't have rabies and don't bite.. (most days) >_<

I received the Best Blog Award from Trend-Ish. Thanks girl! 
Her blog is pretty much awesome, she's gorgeous and has a lot of fashion, makeup, what's hot/what's not, and she also shows love to her fellow bloggers! :)  Hope you all follow her after this post! 

7 random facts about Moi
1] I'm the middle child out of 7 children (you read right!)
2] I used to be a competitive cheerleader (Won state and 2nd in national competitions)
3] I love the color BLUE
4] I love Grape Propel Zero (try it!)
5] I have a loving boyfriend (Adrian) whom which I live with and adore! :)

(Photo Credit one of my BFF's Ashley!)

6] I hate driving in traffic and become filled with ROAD RAGE!
7] I have no pets, but really want a puppy

Questions to Answer:
Fave Color - Blue
Fave Song - No one real fave, Love Beyonce, Adele, Rhianna 
Fave Dessert - New York Vanilla Ice Cream.. YUM!
What is pissing you off - Bad weather :(
When you're upset you - Cry, listen to music, Yell & Scream
Fave Pet - Want a small lap dog, but BF wants a Bulldog
Black or White - Black
Biggest Fear - Not reaching self goals
Best Feature - SMILE :)
Everyday Attitude - Life's too short to be stressed! Be grateful everyday! 
What is perfection - God
Guilty Pleasure - Spending countless hours online :/

Awarded to:

RULES: You must link back to the person who awarded this to you! Share 7 random facts! Award 15 blogs and Answer the questions listed above! And send the ppl awarded a comment letting them know!

2nd Blog Award 
I also received the One Lovely Blog Award from Sauniya' at I Am Not Perfect..!.!.! Gracias for the props! Check her blog out! :) 
RULES are:

7 (more) Interesting Facts about Me
1] I don't like chocolate (i'm usually looked at weird for that)
2] I don't like white sauces (no ranch, mayo, sour cream for me!)
3] I have to sleep with the TV on!
4] I am in my final year of college (Yay, woo-hoo)
5] I have a weak spot for reality TV shows (don't we all)
6] I am so happy I rejoined the blogger world!
7] I have 4 sisters and 2 (baby) brothers (imagine our house growing up!)

Award to 15 Blogs:

**And send the ppl awarded a comment letting them know!

Okay enough about me today! Hope you all enjoy! Happy Thursday! 

- Jena


  1. Thank you for the mention! I think it's so cool you have so many siblings! It must have been so fun growing up in your house!

  2. It was really fun! And definitely cRAZY!

  3. Aww thank you so much!! *blush*
    I come from a family of seven aswell, crazy and fun times :P
    oh and your eyes look so e=healthy lol :P :)
    Thank you!!

  4. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart for awarding me this lovely award! It means so much to me and I am really grateful! ❤
    I loved reading your answers! Yes I'm guilty of spending hours of time online as well- I'm trying to work on that! (:

  5. aaaawwww you're so sweet :))) thanks so much for thinking of me doll oxox

  6. Thank you so much, doll! That's so sweet of you. I also am not a big white sauce fan -- it just doesn't appeal to me.
    xo Josie

  7. I like your first photo, very funny. :D

    Have a nice day
    (czech fashion blogger)

  8. Thank you too much!!!!
    You're too kind!!!!!
    I learn many intresting thing about you! You know, I would love to be a cheerleader, but here, in Italy there's no cheerleading.. !!Thank you for your sweet comment!!
    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  9. Thank you, really nice! I am happy to see that you are following my blog. I like and continue following your blog. It's make me happy that you thinking of me :)


  10. great pics!! Love the second one :D I'm following

    Look my blog and follow me if you like :)


    Enjoy the weekend!

  11. Hi darling, nice post and blog!
    check out mine I'd glad u follow me
    Hope to hear from u soon

  12. OMG Thank yoooooooooou so much!!! you are so sweet *_* !!
    I read many thing about you and I love your "everyday attitude : Life's too short to be stressed! Be grateful everyday! " It's right !!
    If I was born in Usa, by now I'll be a cheerleader for sure, there's no such things in Italy unfortunately :(

  13. Hey thanks so much!
    Love your blog :)


  14. that photo looks so gorgeous anyways congrats for the awards

  15. Congratulations! I'm happy for you. Here's wishing you'll have more awards :) Oh would you like us to follow each other? I'd be very glad to follow yours too xoxo

  16. hi sweetie ! thanks for your sweet comment!
    I just wanna say I dont follow u aaaaaa--->gfc darling xoxoxoxoxoxxo

  17. Love your blog.
    Can we follow each other?


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