Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 things I'm loving right now...

  Happy Hump Day!
 Hope this week is going fabulous for you all! 
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I'm excited for the upcoming weekend to come so that I can get out of the house a bit. As much as I love my baby girl, being cooped up in the winter can give a gal cabin fever!

To help me get over the hump, I think a positive list about things I am loving in my life right now will help me stay in the right frame of mind :)

One. Thrifting Scores - This chambray midi skirt is a thrift find that I adore. What I like most about it is that it had the original tags on it still, going for $35 and I got it for $5. Love when that happens.

Two. Mornings with the baby - she is the most alert early in the morning. Its the time when I act like a complete clown and humor her with all the funny faces in my arsenal. I've come up with some pretty good ones, and voices. Oh the voices.

Three. Caffeine - I have been on caffeine overload lately and loving it. I have never loved it so much as I love it right now. Its almost sick. I thought I understood when people said they couldn't go without it. Now, I completely get it. I've got an itch. Another cherry Pepsi, please.

Four. Bible study - This maternity leave has allowed me to be able to dive deeper into my notes from sermons and God's word. The mysteries and wisdom I am gaining is priceless. Can't wait to share more with you all.

Five. my Iphone photo gallery - Baby. Wedding Planning. Quotes. Pretty much what my iPhone camera consists of. How many of you have screenshots from Instagram filling up your precious storage space?? *raises hand in humiliation*... Not only that, but I have caught almost every face that my baby girl has made. From her frowns and spaz crying attacks, to her puzzled and happy faces. It all  lives in my photo gallery - just in case I forget what she looks like... >_<

Six. Family Time - Over the past year I have been growing so close with my family. This past weekend, me, my mom, my sisters, and my niece all got together for breakfast. It was really beautiful and fun being able to just hang with the ladies of the family. We are going to be meeting each month to help each other work on personal goals, encourage each other, and continue to strengthen our bond. I found myself laughing about the moments we had later on that day.
Man, I love those women! 

Seven. Moments with A - Yes, moments. Now that we've got a little girl on our hand the moments that we have during the day when she's napping or at night when she's finally sleeping, are priceless. Those are the times we talk about grown up things or just laugh at something the baby did during the day. Or just sneak in a passionate kiss. I love those moments.

Eight. Dressing Up - Ok, I have always loved dressing up. Always. I like getting pretty and putting on makeup and going somewhere fun. However, nowadays I am not always so lucky. So the weekends where I can get out and about for an hour or so - I long for it. Getting out of my PJ's and just feeling like a woman again. 

Nine. Slumming it - Yes, the polar opposite of #8. We all like to lounge around in yoga pants and a tank, or is that just me? Either way, I like to be 'sweatpants, hair-tied, chillin' with no makeup on.' #nodrake

Ten. The Christ - well, of course I have to give God the glory. I am so happy that I have been given this time to really enjoy where I am at in life. I am happy for peace on a daily basis with a newborn. And God's strength. When I am at my wits end, He gives me strength to endure. I am happy for a healthy, happy baby girl. I am happy for a partner to grow with. I am happy for a supportive and helpful family to stand behind me. I am happy for a flexible job.
** I am happy for readers like you :) **

Striped Shirt - H&M
Chambray Midi Skirt - Goodwil
Black Booties - similar here
Black Gold Crossbody Purse - Goodwill
Yellow/Gold Bangle - Goodwill

I challenge you to make a list of good things in your life right now. It helps to not focus on the bad. It was hard at first, but as I started to think I began to realize I had a lot of great things to be happy about :)

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Very cute! I see the chambray shirts all the time but have never seen a skirt and I love it!

  2. Oooh I love that top, especially paired with the skirt. Cute look!

    P.S. Come enter the Moscoeworks giveaway!

  3. I love looking at the positive things in life. What a great idea to get together with the ladies in your family monthly.

  4. LOVE your booties and that skirt looks fabulous on you!

  5. That skirt is perfect & LOVE the knotted striped top! :) Have a great weekend!!


  6. Love the skirt. Great Find!

  7. Great look, love your boots :)
    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, featuring and pinned this week at the hop....

  8. Loving this look and your list! :)

  9. so cute! i love the stripes!
    making a list of good things is always good :)

  10. Hi Jena, I haven't been here since you had the baby. Girl you look fabulous. Loving the haircut and the skirt and bravo to you for wearing such high heels. How old is the baby now? Congrats once again. I am going to scroll through some older posts in hopes to finding photos.

    Take Care and stay beautiful. <3 Ada.

  11. What a great commentary - love your blog. Thanks for sharing and linking up again with us at the #WWDParty.


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