Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life's Been

Life’s been. That’s pretty much all I can say about my time away from the cyber world. I have had to remind myself why I started doing this blog. I wanted to express my opinion about things, show you all that every girl can have a sense of style – mula or no mula, and to connect with all my fellow fashionistas out here doing this for themselves.

I found myself checking my e-mail from time to time seeing messages from Chictopia, on how someone just added me as a favorite or a friend. That let me know that I am still affecting some of you out there. (Yay! *cue sappy music*)

I’m working on getting a better camera, so I definitely need some advice on what is a good option. Please leave your comments on what type you use. It will be used for a project I am working on along with my blog. :) Me and my sister are starting a women’s online boutique and I absolutely can’t wait to share that with all of you. Decided to finally start up one of the things we’ve been dreaming about for awhile.

Along with that, work (yes I have a new job now), and back-to-school (Last year FINALLY), I’ve had too much going on. But I am not going to lie and act like I couldn’t update. I was just being lazy. Take this as my 1,984,584 apology – broken record, yes. But hey, you guys take back old boyfriends that do the same thing so I’m only asking for a little understanding. ;) My time away has left me with quite a few great items to show you guys! WOO HOO!!

--Oh yeah, stay tuned. I’ll be updating the layout of the site along with an outfit post this weekend! :)


LovelyLady JB

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  1. Aww, this is my first time on your blog and it looks like i chose the right day to visit lol! I look forward to hearing more about you and i love things you've posted already *especially the outfit you wore in the post entitiled Wild and Crazy* lol

    feel free to check out my blog:


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