Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blue Skies.. Smiling at me

So I woke up inspired. I haven't worn these shoes in a bit and they always remind me of a secretary. :) I also think it gives off that holiday vibe, perfect for a holiday party. (Hint Hint - Someone please have one!)

Oh and I also love the detailing and beading on the top. It looks great by itself, but I decided to throw the cardigan on it, because after all it is only 30 degrees here in Minnesota, and I'd be damned if I freeze.

I like how the necklace adds just a touch of charm/class to the outfit.

Cardigan // H&M
Blouse // Forever 21
Skirt // Len Druskin
Shoes // Forever 21

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. The shoes are AMAzing... love them. Great styling

  2. those shoes are cute! omg i wish there was a Forever 21 in London!!!

  3. hmmmmm didn't know that F21 could produce shoes like that so cute and they look pretty comfy on you too

  4. Thanks, yeah forever 21 shoes, it was a good find, good price and they've lasted so far! thanks for the comments! :)


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