Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Lack Thereof...

Happy MONDAY! 

Thanks for all your lovely posts last week.. Although, I didn't get too many responses to ideas for cooking (I'm assuming most of you find yourself in my shoes from time to time), 
I did get a couple of tricks that I will be taking into consideration. I finally cooked dinner this weekend, and tonight as well. 
We've got to stop eating out!

Anywho.. the title of this post relates to the fact that I have been trying to find a decent new pair of sandals for spring and I seriously have had no luck finding something I like!

Please explain. 
Am I supposed to wear boots in the spring/summer time or what? A lot of the styles just look old to me... nothing new.. OR is it just me?? Please share sites/brands with me, I am serious!

Below is what I have been running into:

I'm just not sure about most of these styles... I guess the sandal market this season is all about the wedges!! 
.......I have been finding very fashionable wedges that I love.. :)

I'll just prepare myself to be ready to work the heels/wedges!!

What do you think?? 
Have you been having the same troubles as me?


  1. OMG! Yes! The sandal market is 4 seasons ago. And you are right about the wedges. I'm on the search for the perfect pair!


  2. I think flat flats are cute, but they are not comfortable. (And bad for your back. ;) )I wish they made more with a slight, kitten-y heel. I feel like it's either 5" wedge heels or nothing. Cute, but come on now ... no thanks.

  3. iagree with you... Ive been so hesitant to buy flat sandals because they all look so blah but seriously try Lulus I saw a few cute ones which r on trend with neon & colorblocking.

    I like wedges but they all have gotten so tall... Wedges are suppose to b comfortable but they took the fun out of that by making them 6inch platforms


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