Friday, June 10, 2011

Her lipstick was red.

Hey guys! I spoke to you all last week to say I was back in the blogger world. I've got a few outfit posts coming up. The one I am doing today is when I was fooling around with my Evo and wanted to try red lipstick for the first time. After all, I'm probably the only girl out there right now that hasn't tried a shade of red. For some reason I just think I look odd. But I guess I'll let you guys be the judge of that!

What do you think?

The top, I  got from TJ Maxx for like $10 bucks! Super happy about that. I really like the flowy tank blouses and will probably be purchasing a few more of those, especially at that price! LOL. The tube skirt is from a local store Heartbreakers, it was only $8 I think. :) So pretty cute for cheap!!

So, tell me what do you all think? Have you tried wearing red lipstick? What was the verdict in your case ;) ? Share with me!


  1. i love this blog so much!! the colors & everything.. plus u are GORGEOUS!!!

    thanks for making me closer to the 100 followers :) following you back!!


  2. im loving the outfits and the red lipstick on you!! your so stunning! :) xxx

  3. you look gorg doll ! & the red lippy stick is a GREAT choice for youuu... looks FAB xoxo♡.

  4. love the outfit.. u look fab...

  5. You look so beautiful!Love the top and the red lipstick!xoxo

  6. odd?
    That is DEFINITELY not the word that springs to mind when I 1st saw the photos. I think you're one of the only girls that I can say pull off the red lip to perfection. Did you gloss after it or is it a sheen lipstick?

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting Xisses


  7. Love a red lip, I've come to realize its shocking now matter how many times I put it on, so its important to wear a red lip with confidence!

  8. Thanks all for your comments!

    @OnyxSta - Thanks, I used a sheer red tinted lip gloss over the lips and also red lip liner.

    @empress I agree, you definitely must be confident with it! Ill prob try it more often! :)

  9. you look sooo pretty--love the red lip!!! in re: your q, I used regular nail polish brushes to dot on the flowers. The "petals" are the same size as the brush circumference, so it's super easy :)))

  10. the red lipstick goes really well with the top!
    Beautiful!!! :)


  11. Your very pretty and I love your outfit girl !

    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog . Kiss

  12. We LOVE your red lipstick! And your top is so pretty!
    We are now following you and would love for you to visit our blog and follow back if you like.

    Jayme & Mendi


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