Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[w]eekend [r]ecap + bump update 21 weeks + WIWW

Happy Wednesday!

Today's post will be photo heavy. Please bear with me :) I have to recap my weekend, as we celebrated my mom's birthday! woo woo! My mother is a great woman, and now that I am going to be a mother I truly can appreciate all that she has done for me over my life. I am so grateful to be able to call her Mom! 

Quick Weekend Recap in photos:

Mini Weekend Recap - Birthday Celebrations, Mini Golf with family, Baby Gifts, New Desk (New Job!), my sweet tooth for the week!

Bump Update #2:

The belly is growing, I feel like I'm officially past the stage of "She looks like she ate too many burgers", to "I think she is with child." My baby girl is kickin' around in there, and it's not too painful at this point so I am enjoying it. It's all so amazing that I'm cooking a little baby girl, it makes life become that much more interesting, mysterious, and awesome. 

Dress. F21 (from a friend). Shoes.

This dress is a little number I got from a girlfriend of mine a few weeks ago. She was getting rid of 4 bags of clothes, and I found so many cute dresses, many perfect for my pregnancy. (Yay!)This dress was a bit on the short side, and with the bump it made it even shorter - but with the nice 80+ weather this weekend it proved to be a good choice. :) I'm finding dresses to be a pregnant gals best friend.

Have a great week, loves!
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  1. Nice, Ms. Jena! And yes, my granddaughter is baking and relaxing in the 'oven.' How cute! :)


  2. Wow:) You loook lovely :) so sweet:)

  3. Such a cute bump! You are still so tiny and definitely all belly. I love the dress!


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