Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Bump & WIWW

Hola. Happy Wednesday.

It seems as if overnight I have sprouted a small baby bump.. Still not much but at officially 18 weeks (woo hoo!) it's super exciting! We find out the sex next week, and I cannot sleep - I'm so excited. I told myself as soon as we knew we were expecting that I would not give myself anxiety waiting to find out if it was a girl or a boy. I just couldn't wait knowing I had the option to find out. 
So, place your bets! 
Betting closes next Thursday..
I am pretty sure I can feel the baby sometimes now, often at night I can feel something moving in my tummy and its just not me.. It's weird. Hard to explain, but I am sure all you mothers out there can relate! And to those who haven't experienced it - well it's like a little being is poking you from inside.

Below is my ensemble from Monday. I've gotta find comfy clothes fast. This was comfy, for now. 

button up. H&M. tank. Heartbreakers.
leggings. Heartbreakers. flats. Gap. necklace. Thrifted.

I cannot seem to feel comfortable in any of my normal clothing. I am now due to start looking for maternity essentials. Even the tights I have seem to cut off my circulation around the tummy area - Ha! I have convinced A that I need a completely new wardrobe... As long as he gets his new TV, he is okay with it ;)

Hope you had a good day!

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  1. I like your method of convincing him that this is a very good reason for new clothes. I totally agree!

  2. Eeeek! I missed the announcement, so congratulations! You look GORGEOUS!

  3. you are always so gorgeous!
    what are you [guys] hoping for, boy or girl?

  4. I always said that my baby kicking felt like bubbles in my stomach lol People who didn't have kids would look at me like "ummmm what?" Lol I found my yoga pants from Heartbreakers to be so comfortable. It is definitely hard to be comfy and cute. I pretty much gave up on the cute part after a while lol

  5. You look gorgeous! Happy 18 weeks!

    So excited to find out what you're having! I'm guessing girl :)


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